Welcome to the website for the Sydney Centre for Schema Therapy (SCfST) – a centre for the promotion, training and service provision of Schema Therapy and related interventions. The SCfST was established by Gemma Gladstone, an experienced researcher, educator and therapist, with a passion for Schema Therapy and an interest in helping people live fuller, more integrated lives.

We provide high quality training and events for psychologists and other mental health professional on special interest topics within the field of schema therapy.


SCfST also provides therapy for interested clients and offers supervision as well as personal therapy for mental health professionals with an interest in Schema Therapy. The Centre is a sister company to the Good Mood Clinic and is based in Sydney’s Bondi Junction.

The Centre’s Logo illustrates the concept of Schema Modes within all of us. Each coloured circle represents one of four different mode categories – Healthy Adult, Child, Coping and Dysfunctional Parent. It is each observer’s prerogative to decide which circle matches which mode for them. The circles are changeable and fluid in that they are modifiable with therapy and healthy relationships.

Core Values

  • Hope
  • Creativity
  • Optimism
  • Curiosity
  • Ongoing Learning
  • Compassion
  • Novelty
  • Openness
  • Generosity
  • Non-judgement
experiential interventions in grief therapy provide hope

Mission Statement

The mission of the SCfST is to provide useful and practical information and resources to individuals seeking schema therapy for their own personal well-being and those wishing to use Schema Therapy to help others. For clients, a respectful and optimistic service is provided which creates and supports significant, long-term psychological change and well-being. The Centre embraces schema therapy as a way to help clients find the answers which have eluded them for years and to be the healthiest versions of themselves.

We provide hope and encouragement to our clients by taking the time to focus on a different way of conceptualizing their presenting problems. This means we can offer clients effective, targeted therapy which actually addresses many of the aspects that have been previously overlooked or even dismissed by mental health professionals consulted in the past.

We aim to help our clients uncover the foundations of their difficulties, suffering or obstacles and give them the insights, inner resources and guidance to create real and sustainable change over the long-term.

The Centre also aims to disseminate information and skills so that therapists and mental health professionals can feel more comfortable working with challenging content and to instill a sense of optimism and hope in both therapists and their clients.

We aim to provide therapists with a high standards of professional development opportunities and to offer a space for personal and professional reflection while highlighting the need for self-care in the context of helping others.

Changing Lives with Schema Therapy