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  • Understanding Grief & Bereavement: An Introduction to Experiential Methods in Grief Therapy – Live Webinar, April 2021

    REGISTRATION CLOSES 19/4/21  AT 10:30 AM The first in a 2-part webinar series on grief, this webinar is for any clinician, therapist or mental health professional wanting to know more about grief & bereavement in a clinical setting and how to begin to work therapeutically with clients. Whether you are completely new to grief therapy […]

  • When Grief Gets Complicated: Using Schema Therapy and Experiential Methods to Help Prolonged Grief – Live Webinar, June 2021

    The second in a 2-part webinar series on grief, this webinar is for mental health professionals wanting to know more about the processes of complicated grief, how to identify it and how to use grief-focused interventions to assists those suffering from ‘prolonged’ grief reactions. This webinar will assume some existing knowledge of grief and bereavement […]

  • Holistic Self-Care For The Therapist, June 2021

    A 2-Day Winter Retreat Incorporating Schema and Compassion-based Approaches Essentially, we all know how to take care of ourselves.  The question is, what gets in the way?  What gets in the way of you acting in your own best interests, taking good care of your mind and body and actually making it a priority? Are […]

  • Healing The Vulnerable Child: The Heart Of Schema Therapy

    Live Webinar: 20th August 2021 There are many potential portals to the vulnerable child mode or modes. This live webinar is all about exploring different avenues for making creative contact with vulnerable child modes and using a variety of therapeutic methods for healing. Connecting with and healing vulnerable child parts of self (eg, “inner child […]

    • Changing Lives with Schema Therapy