Supervision & Therapy for Therapists

Supervision & Therapy for Therapists


Gemma is a board approved (APHRA) and listed ASP clinical college supervisor. She provides supervision and peer consultation services for psychologists and other mental health professionals working in any area (below is a list of Gemma’s particular specializations but her supervision is not restricted to these areas – see also Special Interest Topics. Gemma is a certified schema therapy supervisor. Supervision hours can be counted towards certification for those therapists who are meeting the ISST requirements independently.

  • Schema Therapy & schema mode work
  • Personality Disorders including borderline personality disorder & narcissistic presentations
  • Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse/trauma
  • Experiential therapies for issues like complicated grief & trauma with a specialization in chair work and imagery with re-scripting

Consultations often include discussions around a therapist’s own schemas; transference & counter-transference issues and practitioner self-care.

Gemma has worked in adult education teaching counselling skills and psychological interventions and has also worked in higher education delivering coursework to students at Bachelors (UNSW) and Masters and Doctoral (USQ) training levels. She has been an external independent supervisor for students on clinical placements at the University of Southern Queensland.  Gemma regularly undertakes her own professional development in the area of schema therapy and other related fields. She has also completed several courses, including master classes in the provision of professional supervision and reflective practice.

For supervision enquiries please contact the office phone of the Good Mood Clinic (02) 9388 0534 or email Gemma directly or leave a voice message on Mob: 0434 821 597.

Therapy for Therapists

Over the years, Gemma has provided consultations for many health professionals and therapists. It can be difficult for psychologists and other health professionals to firstly find a suitable therapist and then to carry through with seeking treatment/therapy.

Gemma is particularly interested in assisting other therapists deal with their own schemas and/or schema/mode activations – both in professional work setting and in their personal lives. Sometimes our schemas can directly contribute to job satisfaction and work against us in creating negative psychological states such as burnout, compassion/empathy fatigue and even play a role in vicarious trauma. If left unchecked, overtime, some schemas can lead to a depletion in work motivation and any sense of joy or personal fulfillment previously experienced. Therapists are usually exceptionally good at taking care of other people but can often delay or avoid taking the much needed time to concentrate upon their own professional and personal well-being.

Gemma is currently working on developing a list of experienced practitioners with an interest in providing therapy for other therapists and is happy to recommend alternative therapists when needed.

For therapists seeking therapy (like all our clients) we offer a strictly professional, confidential and compassionate service with deliberate attention to any particular sensitivities which might exist and the careful avoidance of any dual relationships – wherever possible.

For confidential enquires about therapy with either Gemma Gladstone or another recommended schema therapist please contact the office phone of the Good Mood Clinic (02) 9388 0534 or email Gemma directly or leave a voice message on Mob: 0434 821 597.

Changing Lives with Schema Therapy