Therapy For Individuals

Therapy For Individuals

Schema therapy can assist with many different client issues and presenting problems.
Also see who can benefit from schema therapy for more information. Schema Therapy is particularly beneficial for people experiencing the following difficulties:

  • Breaking negative life patterns
  • Persistent, chronic or recurrent episodes of depression
  • Difficulties relating to others
  • Feeling stuck in certain unhelpful patterns (many different life patterns can apply)
  • Perfectionism and self-critical thinking
  • Persistent anxiety disorders
  • Addictive behaviours and impulses
  • A pattern or history of unsatisfactory romantic relationships or no relationships
  • Childhood trauma or a history of problematic family of origin issues
  • Personality problems or diagnosed personality disorders

You don’t have to very distressed or having major issues to benefit from schema therapy. Maybe you might like to understand a little more about your personality in general. Maybe there are a few niggly problems at work or in relationships which you need a new perspective on? Maybe you are curious as to why you always tend to respond in a certain way, in certain situations? Schema therapy is great for helping us understand why we do the things we do!

During your first one or two appointments your therapist may spend the majority of the time gathering information about your current difficulties and background. You may also be asked to complete one or two questionnaires (ie, schema questionnaires such as the YSQ and the SMI) after your initial session to help gain a more comprehensive picture of your issues. There is usually no standard treatment duration and the number of consultations required to get the changes you want will vary from person to person.

Our psychologists are equipped to assist you with both short-term and longer-term support and therapy. As a general guide, short-term skills-based therapy may usually be around 6 – 10 sessions, whereas therapy which helps you identify and begin to resolve longer-term and more deeply entrenched issues may require a longer commitment. It is common for clients to attend for between 6 months to 1 year – usually weekly initially and then moving to fortnightly sessions. Six-months to one-year might be a realistic time frame for people wanting to make significant change and to break long-term patterns. However, effective therapy does not have to mean longer-term therapy. A good example of this is complicated grief. Therapy which involves experiential methods like chair-work and imagery can be highly effective ways to resolved ‘unfinished business’ and heal from painful losses – in a relatively short period of time. Very often, as few as 3 – 5 sessions may be all it takes to gain real benefit and process difficult emotions tied by with complicated grief reactions.

Gemma is currently available to see individual clients seeking schema therapy. Clinic rooms are located in Bondi Junction within The Good Mood Clinic. Gemma is also able to recommend suitable schema therapists with whom she works.

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Finding a Suitable Partner

There is usually little co-incidence in the world of mating and partner selection, as these behaviours are very much influenced by our family of origin experiences and relationships with caregivers mainly on a sub-conscious level. If you have observed a ‘pattern’ in your love life which you think is unhelpful or you feel compelled to have relationships with a particular type of person, then we can help you gain key insights and make some positive changes for the better.

If you have been looking for a partner who is emotionally available and reliable, but you have not been able to secure such a relationship, therapy can most likely assist you in that process. We can also help you with internet dating and navigating your way through some of the pitfalls associated with that method.

Gemma is currently available to see couples seeking schema-based therapy. Clinic rooms are located in Bondi Junction within The Good Mood Clinic. Gemma is also able to recommend suitable schema therapists/couple’s therapists with whom she works.

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Changing Lives with Schema Therapy